Renewal of our website and Corporate Logos

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our website and corporate logos.


1. Renewal of our Website

We have redesigned and reorganized our website to make it easier for everyone to view and study Daisyo.
We hope you will discover new aroma through our new search function which has a wide selection of aroma with the help of global partners worldwide.
In addition, we plan to regularly update the "Column" section with the latest product information from our global partners and information related to flavors and fragrances which the world is facing.


2. Renewal of Corporate Logos

We will revamp our corporate logos to embody our purpose in a sustainable society, based on our corporate philosophy of "We will support to enrich your life and society with our scents".
The gently rounded form is an image of our company's future as an open and organic global business, emphasizing the trust in business that has been handed down from previous generations through the thickness and balance of the lines, and iconically expressing the essence of fresh fragrance.
*We will be changing to the new logo one by one. For the time being, the new logo and the old logo will be mixed together on documents and other materials. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


【Corporate Logos (2 colors)】



【Symbol Marks (2 types)】



We will strive to create a site that satisfies everyone's needs.
Thank you for your continued support.