Flavor & Fragrance

The sensations of fresh juicy fruits, irresistible sweets and thirst quenching refreshing beverages all comes from our nature’s flavors and essences.

Essential Oils, Oleoresins and Extracts

Raw materials of natural flavor and fragrances are obtained through the process of cold press, steam distillation, solvent extraction and distillation of plant materials.

Aroma Chemicals

Fine chemicals that have been chemically synthesized through detailed analyses of natural flavors, fragrances and Natural Chemicals that are obtained isolation from essential oils and enzymatic process.

Flavor and Fragrance Compounds

Dozens of flavor/fragrance substances are blended according to the formulae created by flavorists and perfumers. Formulations are made to have various propeties such as water and oil soluble and thermostable. Formulations vary in form such as liquid, powder, and emulsion.

Food Additives

Increase charm of processed foods by just adding a pinch of additives.


Extract (beef, pork, chicken, etc.), umami seasoning (MSG, Nucleic acids, Aminoic acids), etc.

Sweeteners(sugar substitute)/ Acidulants/ Bitters

Sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, citric acid, ascorbic acid, narinjin, etc.

Emulsifiers/Humectants/Food Colorants

Propylene glycol, glycerin, caramel, natural food colors, emulsifiers, etc.

Functional Food Materials

Indigestible dextrin, agave, mucopolysaccharides, grape seed extract powder, maqui berry powder, hoodia, rooibos extract, etc.

Food Grade Materials

We deliver the finest food grade materials from around the world to enrich the lives of our customers.

Food Grade Materials

Flavoring materials: Vanilla beans, various spices
Oils and fats: Sesame oil, Grape seed oil, Seasoning oils

Fruit Juice

Lemon, lime, grape, acai, etc.

Rooibos Tea

Healthy tea nurtured in the wilderness of South Africa. You can enjoy caffeine free rooibos tea before you go to rest and seive it to your children. We only offer JAS certified organic grade products.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos (various cut sizes), green rooibos, rooibos extract powder, etc.

Materials for Mixed Tea

Domestic raw materials: Black soybean tea, Houttuynia cordata, Ginger, onion skin, lotus root, etc. Imported raw materials: Chamomile, candle bush, salacia, rosehip, honeybush, etc.



Rooibos in tea bags, blended teas, ramen soup mix, functional healthy foods.


Cosmetics, shampoo, air freshener, plant origin deodrant, etc.