New Aroma "HydrofleurTM" Debut

A Creative Collaboration Between Bedoukian Research and P2 Science Leads to a New Aroma Ingredient Debut; Announcing HydrofleurTM

Bedoukian Research is incredibly excited to introduce our first fragrance ingredient, HydrofleurTM, to emerge from a joint development withP2 Sciencethat began in 2014. P2 is best known for their sustainable chemistry, while BRI is renowned for producing high quality ingredients. Together, we are utilizing our assets to manufacture Hydrofleur, which is 100% renewable and the first sustainable product to be added to our portfolio.


 A little bit of history, on June 5th, 2018 in Nice, France at the World Perfumery Congress (WPC), a presentation was made by Dr. Robert Bedoukian/ CEO, at a perfumer session entitled The Past, Present, and Future of Signature Perfume Ingredients. Dr. Bedoukian hosted this assembly with Zerlina Dubois, Master Perfumer at Procter & Gamble. In their talk, Robert and Zerlina discussed how novel, high impact ingredients and consumer culture have helped to influence and create many of the iconic trends and product launches in the fragrance industry.

Hydrofleur was discussed and demonstrated in a Chanel N°5 type composition as an example of a very powerful aroma chemical. It can be utilized in formulations at levels as low as 1% that of traditional ingredients and still deliver superior olfactive results. Dually important to note, Hydrofleur can be used in a wide range of fragrances, is not limited to the feminine olfactive category, and can be applied across all fragrance applications.



Getting to Know HydrofleurTM Characteristics in Relation to Muguet

 Muguet, also referred to as lily of the valley, has a green white floral note imbued with dewy, sweet jasmine-like accords. Bedoukian's Hydrofleur™is the newest generation of products in the muguet family and offers multidimensional properties. Its aroma is powerful, crisp, watery, and ozonic with bedewed white floral notes of muguet and tuberose, combined with fruity shades of raspberry and melon. Due to its strength and diffusivity, Hydrofleur is a great floralizer – boosting the floral notes of a fragrance, even when used in trace amounts. In addition to floral accords, Hydrofleur also works extremely well in fruity compositions, to which it adds freshness, radiance, and complexity.

Hydrofleur is made from a sustainable raw material origin using first of its kind manufacturing technology that adheres to the 12 Principals of Green Chemistry. The result is a 100% renewable and regenerative, powerful aroma chemical that meets Clean Beauty and Clean Fragrance standards. It is sustainable and sourced from FSC certified pine trees, naturally developed and vegan compliant, and recycled from the by-products of the paper and pulp industry.

Furthermore, as a commitment to sustainability, our partner, P2 Science sponsors the planting of a tree for every kilogram of forestry-derived product sold, which includes Hydrofleur.



Consumer Goods & Muguet/Lily of the Valley: The Breakdown Fine Fragrance & Personal Care

Fragrances play a sizable part in consumers health, wellness, and beauty routines. A favorite aroma can be uplifting and reminiscent of the good times, as it transports through sensorial moments. The following are examples of marketplace products across various categories that incorporate muguet as the focused ingredient.

 In Fine Fragrance and Personal Care, HydrofleurTM can be used in feminine, masculine, and unisex fragrance creations, offering perfumers various options in their curations.

A recent muguet fine fragrance launch is Muguet Millésime 2020 Guerlain for Women and Men. With green top notes blended into mid tones of lily of the valley and lilac, the base is comprised of rose and jasmine. Pur Muguet Cartier for Women also launched in 2020, is said to be “a contemporary vision of this historic flower with unprecedented realism, that has been pushed to the extreme. Lily of the valley: bare.”

In Personal Care, Yves Rocher’s Lily of the Valley Shower Gel promotes “the springtime freshness of lily of the valley in a light lather, leaving your skin delicately scented.” Yardley London’s Lily of the Valley Luxury Body Wash is a blending of crisp, feminine notes of lily of the valley and freesia; also available in lotion, cream, hand wash, talc, and soap.



Consumer Goods & Muguet/Lily of the Valley: The Breakdown
Home Care & Fabric Care and Trend Thoughts

 Home & Air Care products and the way they are viewed, have changed during the pandemic. Cleaning is at the forefront, not only as a routine, but to disinfect from germs more than ever. At first, products sold out and many consumers had to buy what was available. Now with shelves re-stocked and choices returning they are opting for ways to stay safe, but also scent their homes for a harmonious atmosphere.

According to NPD Group’s second-quarter report, candles have surpassed fine fragrance as the preferred aromatic. The fragrance category saw a 37% decline in sales year-over-year, but candles were a highlight for the category with a sales increase of 13%. We at Bedoukian attribute this to the fact that everyone is spending more time at home, and candles offer a calming mood, feeling of wellness,and lifestyle choice.

In Air Care, Diptyque’s Muguet / Lily Of The Valley Candle offers “a bouquet of freshly picked lily of the valley sprigs...the white bells exhale their delicately flowery scent, colored by the green fragrance of stems and leaves.” Christian Tortu is a globally renowned florist whose creations are based on showcasing new visions through unique arrangements of flowers, plants, and vegetables. He created a Muguet des Bois (Lily of the Valley) Candle said to be “a delicate and gourmet scent with lily of the valley and a hint of vanilla at the heart of the flower.”Demeter’s Lily of the Valley Atmosphere Diffuser Oil is drawn from old English folklore and the legend of St. Leonard Forest, where the flowers still grow to this day. La Bouguerterie Muguet French Home Spray is described as “feminine beauty and warmth at its finest” and can be utilized to create an ambiance in the home; also offered in a Fine Fabric Wash.

To further add to fabric care, The Laundress Classic Scent Detergent & Fabric Conditioner “is the ultimate clean laundry smell, blending lily of the valley and jasmine with sweet musk, sandalwood, and a touch of citrus.” Summer Verbena Towel Wash from Yves Delorme “showcases the beautiful orange flower with a hint of jasmine and muguet. Fresh greens, geranium and lavender are carefully balanced by amber and musk to make this scent as inviting as a bright, summer day.”

 With green and sustainable lifestyles taking place, muguet is the perfect fit to the Cottagecore trend which is currently occurring. Described as earthy, romantic, nostalgic, and quaint in both outdoor and cozy indoor living. It is agriculturally based with countryside visions and is affecting everything from fragrances, to food, to fashion, and home décor.