A fusion of the Japanese and Scandinavian styles? What is "Japandi Lifestyle"

Following trends involves discovering their origins, monitoring their paths, and watching how they evolve and transform, all while connecting them back to relevancy in lifestyles, products, designs, and so much more. Japandi (our macro trend) is a mash up of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, proposing sensible minimalism, with a strong relationship to nature, in an East meets West mentality. It takes the principals of Japanese Wabi-Sabi and combines them with Scandinavian Hygge. Wabi-Sabi utilizes the premise of finding beauty in natures flaws and the acceptance that things in existence can be “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.” Hygge is about being present in the moment and slowing down, while enjoying your cozy, and comfortable surroundings. Hybrid designs give us a new outlook, while joining aspects of diverse cultures.
Here are the crossovers; the Zen of Japanese values and the act of being present in Scandinavian philosophies, both are simplistic and uncluttered, incorporate natural materials, offer comfort and design, craftsmanship, and the blue and white color palettes (seen in porcelain and home wares), combined with a natural and neutral brightness. Japandi is sensible and soothing, clean, and brings in the outdoors. Taking elegance and intermingling it with simplicity and functionality, making it practical as well. Translating this into ingredients, it leads us to rock gardens, indoor and outdoor plantscapes that are lush and green (think living walls), bamboo, woody, muted, earthy, reclaimed, textural, raw, and watery ozonic materials, with hints of fruits and florals. Onto our corresponding Bedoukian ingredients and Micro Trends! We have curated a collection that relates back to this theme of two cultures and divided them into four micro trends, that showcase and highlight the crossovers. We welcome you to our Crafted Japandi Collection!



Evolution of Minimalism & Simplicity

The Evolution of Minimalism & Simplicity continues and supports moments that are fresh, warm or cool (but not to either extreme), clean, recognizable, functional, and free of clutter. Quality over quantity, handmade, and tactile in an organized setting. Craftsmanship and curation are valued, and imperfections are seen as adding character. Linear and sleek lines and dual functionality to products in all categories are essential. Think of singular, powerful, and uncomplicated aromas that evoke feelings and impressions when experienced. Fragrances such as Caldrea’s Sea Salt Neroli Laundry Detergent promoted as: ”spend long summer days sipping on lemonade while cruising on a yellow scooter. You pause to feel the pure, raw mist of the ocean. This refreshing simplicity is Sea Salt Neroli.” Perfectly describing this micro trend of minimalism within Japandi.


Bedoukian's LimedieneTM [BRI 962]
Compatible in fragrances it supplies an extremely powerful lemon-lime top note with a unique combination of tropical and watery accords, drying down to an exquisite white truffle base. Short-lived but highly impactful with effects seen as low as 0.01%, it can be used to impart freshness and power in any application. It adds an extraordinary bloom and sparkle to citrus, floral and cool water types, and performs exceptionally well in liquid dish detergent, shower gel, air care, and laundry detergent. Identifiable and sure to leave an impression, add Limediene to your fragrance creations to empower their character.



Guerrilla Greening

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Guerrilla Gardening is “the activity of growing plants without permission on land that belongs to someone else or public land, with the aim of improving the environment, or producing vegetables or flowers for people to use or enjoy.” Similar to that of Guerrilla Knitting, a trend where artists knit around public items like mailboxes, trees, and street signs, to beautify the neighborhood. With this, why not do some Guerrilla Greening (the evolution) in and outside your home? Expand from potted house plants, to living walls, and vertical garden ecosystems. Utilize that patch of grass outside your home called the “Hell Strip”; the narrow space between the sidewalk and street curb. Usually, a place that most do not think of planting in, but what a great way to inspire! The Philadelphia Flower Show had an entire creative section devoted to these pieces of land back in June. In fragrances Richard James Fragrances Aqua Aromatica Blade of Grass Cologne is a great fit for this trend as it is said to “dazzle like a lush spring landscape.” In flavors Ketel One Botanicals line of Peach & Orange Blossom, Cucumber & Mint, and Grapefruit & Rose convey the feeling of fresh, green, citrusy, and fruity, all in the comfort of your home.


Bedoukian's OrrisolTM [BRI 330]
Compatible in both fragrance and flavor formulations. On the fragrance side it conveys a green, floral odor, with notes of orris, and hints of melon and cucumber. Blends well with all fruity, floral, and herbal types. Also excellent for imparting melon, particularly sweet honeydew, and cucumber nuances to creations. On the flavor side it exudes melon and cucumber with back notes of ripe strawberry. It adds authenticity to melon, cucumber, and berry flavors, especially strawberry, and is great for other fruits, including citrus. Use Orrisol to impart green freshness intermingled with fruity nuances for a unique al fresco sensation.



Sound Healing & Singing Bowls

Meditation, white noise, pink noise, and now Sound Healing & Singing Bowls are all ways to relax and free your mind. Sound Healing is extremely popular at yoga studios and an additional way to find your Zen moments. According to Wellset, sound healing is “an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state.” Singing Bowl Therapists use “quartz crystal bowls and gongs tuned at strategic frequencies for healing different parts of the body and mind.” This trend is watery, ozonic, tranquil, and calms the senses. Think of rock gardens, pristine sand, trickling water, and smooth vibrations transporting you on a meditative journey, while also healing. A prime example is D.S.& Durga’s Big Sur After Rain candle that “captures the scent of rainwater in eucalyptus groves off California's Highway 1.” Even more interesting is that it is hand-poured in the Brooklyn studio of the husband- and-wife team of David Seth and Kavi Ahuja. Again, emphasizing the diversity in East meets West in this trend, that of California and Brooklyn, NY.


Bedoukian's HydrofleurTM [BRI 279]
We are proud to highlight our latest aroma ingredient, for fragrance use only. It has a powerful, crisp, watery, and ozonic effect with bedewed white floral notes reminiscent of muguet and tuberose, combined with fruity shades of raspberry and melon. Strong, diffusive, and a great floralizer; boosting the floral notes of a fragrance, even when used in trace amounts. Hydrofleur works extremely well in floral and fruity types to which it adds freshness, radiance, and complexity. Add this to your fragrant curations to circulate and impart watery fresh florals for those chill moments.




Neutrality is key in the Japandi lifestyle. Colors are muted and subtle, but the contrast of black accents with pastels are also experienced. Japanese and Scandinavian ceramics meet here in the color combination of darker blue and white, but with a subtle, blurred aesthetic. Wood is another essential element, from dark and stained looks of the Japanese style, to light and washed from the Scandinavian side (aka Scandinavian Modern.) Neutrality can also apply to lifestyle; being kind, going forward, and allowing yourself to be content and happy. A fragrance fitting of this trend is Jo Malone’s English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne. Described as “a woody spicy fragrance for women and men. An enchanted walk. Crunchy green hazelnut and the spice of elemi. Earthy vetiver cooled by emerald moss carpets on a warm base of roasted oak.” A unisex fragrance offering duality just like the macro trend itself. On the flavor side Harney & Sons Tilleul Tea is “a light and lively blend of the linden tree's fragrant flowers and leaves that produce a woodsy brew as beautiful as its taste, in a mélange of forest-like green and yellow, that's all part of the charm.”


Bedoukian's NuezateTM [BRI 728]
Compatible in both fragrance and flavor formulations. On the fragrance side, fresh characteristic black walnut is combined with sophisticated woody undertones, and a subtle fruity odor in the mix. Powerful with effects seen at levels as low as 0.01%, Nuezate is excellent for emphasizing nutty notes and can be used to reinforce spice notes. It blends nicely with woody notes (i.e., patchouli) as well as fougere, chypre, and oriental types - adding complexity, depth, and a touch of elegance to any fragrance. On the flavor side, Nuezate adds earthy notes typical of many tree nuts to sweet and roasted applications. Enhances brown and nutty flavors, particularly maple and walnut. Blends well with a variety of fruit flavors like banana, apple and pineapple, especially when being used for baked goods and confectionery applications. It also provides an interesting effect when combined with other fruit flavors, such as blueberry and strawberry, or in dark spirits like rum and whiskey. Our product imparts woody and nutty flavors adding an exclusive component when paired.